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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy allows a patient to absorb up to 4 times the normal amount of oxygen. This increases the oxygenation of all organs, tissues, and body fluids. It is the pressure of the chamber that allows for the much greater absorption of the oxygen provided. Breathing 100% pure oxygen outside the chamber will not significantly increase your oxygen uptake by the cells at all. When a patient is in the chamber, the increased pressure causes the blood plasma, and other liquids of the body, to absorb much larger quantities of oxygen, greatly increasing oxygen uptake by the cells, tissues, glands, organs, brain, and all fluids of the body. This oxygen can then be utilized by the body for vital functions. That really is how hyperbaric oxygen works.

Blood plasma would not normally be able to absorb this increased amount of oxygen. This increase in oxygen allows for increased circulation to areas despite swelling or inflammation. At the same time, the increased oxygen decreases the swelling and inflammation.

This additional oxygen helps in the healing process and enhances the white blood cells’ ability to fight infection.  It promotes the development of new capillaries, the tiny blood vessels that supply the individual tissues. It also helps the body build new connective tissue.

By providing the cells with an abundance of oxygen, the cells react by becoming more energized. The cells can now function more efficiently and carry out their processes in an accelerated manner.


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